Biography-Britt Knoff

"I have to challenge myself to try new expressions, if I stiffen in a form I lose my creativity and that is what makes me alive"

Here on my website I show what I work with and tell about the processes in my blog

I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions just send me a message :-)

Artist statement:

I am originally from Inderøy  in Trøndelag, but moved to Østfold in 2002. Here I started my education at NMBU, Ås and took a Master's degree in Technology. Today I live in Moss where I have my daily artistic work.

I have always had a need to express myself creatively and after years of administrative work I missed developing my creative side greatly. I therefore began a 2-year study in painting and drawing at Nydalen Art School and later a 3-year interdisciplinary art education at DTK, the Interdisciplinary Art Institute, art school in Bærum. I work in a broad visual language with a main focus on painting, drawing, graphics, collage and material-based art.

Reflections on grief and joy, dreams and thoughts, inner life and outer life characterize my works. I consider myself a thinker as well as curious by nature, and my art is greatly influenced by human relationships and experiences as well as the impact of nature in my emotional life. You can also see a clear connection between my former profession as a civil engineer and my artistic expressions, where the constructive, architectural and graphic expression is often prominent both in the image and the construction of installations