2022 painting 

Serie: "Out there"

Acrylic painting inspired by the surroundings around me, be it nature, city, sea, country, mountains, architecture, machines, natural forms etc.

Serie: "Amore Amore"

The paintings are made out of love for the human passion and need for love.

Serie: "My secret Garden" 

My secret garden consists of paintings inspired by my own garden as it comes to life in spring, in full bloom in summer, the aging splendor of autumn and the deep sleep of winter. Acrylic and oil painting on canvas.

Serie: "Diversitas" (Mangfold) 

Acrylic paintings inspired by groups of people in various compositions seen with a blurry eye. We can glimpse the diversity in the groups, events and interactions are perceived by each individual viewer as their own stories. .

In this series you will also find works in graphics, drawing and installations

Serie: "I see you"

In the series "I see you", my inner thoughts and feelings are brought out. My mental form determines the image's reflection. But even though those are my stories, I often find that others have their own memories and stories to add or share. Acrylic paintings. 

Serie: "The dream catcher's nightmare"

In the "dream catcher's nightmare" series, it is world society's destructive influence on my sensory impressions that is reflected through the paintings. To understand all the negative things that happen in the world is impossible, but to see it is possible and thereby make it visible without taking any position on what is right or wrong.

Serie: No borders

Title: «Plastic Fantastic» A series of paintings from my graduation exhibition at DTK art school 2022. The artwork consists of 8 acrylic paintings on canvas, put together as a wall installation. The installation is flexible and can have different shapes depending on the room it is installed in. Plastic Fantastic is inspired by shapes and colors from collected plastic waste. 

The series also contains artbooks, graphics, drawings and installations.