About the artist-Britt Knoff

"I have to challenge myself to try new expressions, if I stiffen in a form I lose my creativity and that is what makes me alive"

Brittconsiders herself an experimental artist and her visual language ranges from painting, drawing, graphics, artist books, collage and sculpture. In her artistry, she is influenced by human relationships and experiences as well as nature's impact on her emotional life. Project manager experience, seeing the three-dimensional and material knowledge that she has from experience as an engineer are important knowledge in the art process that she benefits from.

The creative processes, where the exploration of the materials and their inherent properties are central, become for her a journey into the spontaneous and intuitive. She often combines different techniques in one work and can immerse herself in testing new techniques where she finds new expressions. In her project, which she works on over time, she has an exploratory approach to expression, techniques and material use, where in the process she strives for an interaction between her various expressions formally and thematically. New directions emerge, some are noted and put aside for later work. Others are worked on further in the process.


2020 November "Collection I", Moss (In collaboration with artist Kirsten Wiik)

2020 August "Fragments in time", Gallery Ppalett, Son

Curriculum Vitae