Plastic Fantastic - No Borders        


With my Plastikk Fantastic project, I was selected, together with two art colleagues: Lilja Sighvatsdottir og Pia Kjølberg, to represent DTK art school at an Art residence in Cerveira, Portugal. This was in October 2021.

The project focuses on plastic waste in maritime areas and the area I focused on was Jeløy, Moss.

During the 10 days in Portugal, we got to see the project up close. we got to help move artist Acacio de Carvalho's fantastic plastic river installation and we were lucky enough to have him as a guide throughout our stay. The Aqua Museum, which had the art residency together with the Art Biennale in Cerveira, lectured about the project and the impact plastic waste has on life in rivers, seas etc. During our stay we had an exhibition of our works in the Art Biennale in Cerveira, a super great experience.

Through the project Plastic Fantastic (2021), these photos were taken. This is the source of inspiration for the forms I have worked on in No Borders. Organic forms that move across boundaries in expressions 

No Borders