When old works of art appear


With mobile phones and iPads, there are often a lot of photos to go through and clean up, do you recognize yourself? I try to take a little each week and today I came across some old paintings and drawings I made. These are from 1984 - 2017, i.e. a span of over 30 years (hmmmmm), on the oldest paintings I have signed with my maiden name Britt Johansen.

At the time I was very figurative and was often inspired by other artists' art, I am today as well but in a completely different way. At the time, I often painted after and tried to make it as similar as possible, both when it came to other artists' paintings and photographs. Painting similar to other artists' paintings is a great way to learn to see, brush handling, construction and color composition, becoming valuable experiences further on in art.

I think it's often fun to reminisce about what I painted at the time and often thoughts and feelings come back around the theme. It also happens that they provide inspiration for further work.

Below you will find some of the pictures from this period.

1984 Deer in winter forest
1984 Deer in winter forest

1990 Straumen in the old days

The picture is from Straumen in Inderøy, Trøndelag, Norway. I spent my childhood and youth there. The picture is a painting by Straumen from approx. turn of the century 1800-1900 and is my first commissioned work, a birthday present from a wife to her husband.

Inspiration by old works

I am often inspired by old drawings or paintings I have made. The idea is brought to life and further developed. Here is an example, the picture with the deer was painted in 1984 and became the inspiration for a picture I painted in 2017.

2017 Winter forest
2017 Winter forest