Fragments is a series of paintings begun in 2020. The theme started with splitting up letters and creating a new meaning with the shapes. The thought that eventually emerged was: can the word be taken out of its original meaning and mean something else?

Like much of my work, I often return to the inspiration and continue to work on the theme in new directions, often over several years. I've been working with fragments since 2020 and I'm not sure if I'm done with the theme yet.

Fragmenter section 1, 2020:

This is the first part in the series where the main focus was the transformation of the letter form into other concepts so that the established meaning of the form disappears and reappears in a new meaning. The painting consists of 6 paintings of 1x1 meters, by putting these together into one, the size of the work will also contribute and enhance the effect of the change of form.

Fragments, section 1 (2019 - 2020) 2x3m, acrylic on canvas
Fragments, section 1 (2019 - 2020) 2x3m, acrylic on canvas

Fragmenter section 2, 2020:

This section consists of 3 single art works, although two of them can also be a duplicate. The work is further entered into other compilations and sizes of format. The impressions change as the shapes change composition. 

Fragmenter section 3, 2021:

In section 3, other colors, painting techniques and concepts are added. By placing the shapes on top of each other instead of next to each other, depth is created in the paintings. The forms have also undergone a simplification and abstraction. Now begins a process where one can recognize the kinship in the pictures but the main elements are about to disappear and new realities arise.