Britt Knoff

Artistic education:

2019 - 2022 DTK art school, Bærum - interdisciplinary art studies 

2017 - 2019 Nydalen art school, Oslo - drawing and painting

Art relevant studies/courses:

2018 - Juli Holbæk Art College Denmark, abstract and figurative painting - 10-day study tour.

• The study was the meeting between the recognizable motif and the abstraction of the known. The figurative and abstract elements were put together and created new dynamics and interpretation possibilities.

2006 NMBU - freehand drawing - 10p study

Other education

2002 - 2008 NMBU University, Ås - civil engineering building construction/architecture

1991 - 1992 Interior School NKI - interior design consultant

1982 - 1984 Egge vg. school, technical draftsman

Species residence

2021 - LowPlast project - Art-Residence, Cerveira, Portugal

• Representing DTK art school in Cerveira, Portugal, hosted by Aquamuseum in Cerveira, Portugal. One of the project's aims is to create awareness about plastic waste in maritime areas through art.