I am so proud and happy to have been accepted with 2 installations at the Romerik exhibition this year as well, incredibly high level among submitted works so this means a lot to me.

I believe art should be accessible to everyone, so I now offer an installment plan for those who want to buy art from me. Together we decide on a monthly sum and when everything has been paid, including any actual costs, the artwork is handed over to the buyer.

With mobile phones and iPads, there are often a lot of photos to go through and clean up, do you recognize yourself? I try to take a little each week and today I came across some old paintings I made. These are from 1984 - 2012, i.e. a span of over 30 years (hmmmmm), on the oldest paintings I have signed with my maiden name Britt Johansen....

With my Plastikk Fantastic project, I was selected, together with two art colleagues: Lilja Sighvatsdottir og Pia Kjølberg, to represent DTK art school at an Art residence in Cerveira, Portugal. This was in October 2021.

Love and Hate


Strange what can inspire. We live close to the forest where there are a lot of deer and these beautiful creatures like to take a walk into my garden. They are so beautiful to look at, but when spring comes and the tulip bulbs start to sprout, the deer are not fun to have in the garden. Hence the title...

Collection I 1


Collection I - Form og lys - Kunstutstilling 01 - 29 november 2020, Kongensgate 17, Moss. En samarbeidsutstilling mellom kunstnerene Britt Knoff og Kirsten Wiik. Britt og Kirsten studerte sammen og tok billedkunstutdanning ved Nydalen Kunstskole. Etter det har de studert, fått veiledning og hatt utstilling på hver sin kant.

Chain Reaction


An art book inspired by the last year of pandemic (2020/2021). Throughout the book, without using the written word, I try to convey society's insecurity, fear and hope. Three colors symbolize black for fear and disease, red for the unity of humanity and white for the hope that lies at the bottom. Palimpsesten on the pages is a narrative...