2022 Installations 

Series: In movement between two dimensions

In my project: "In movement between two dimensions" I reflect on nature's influence on man through nature's cycles with a focus on birth and death. The project consists of 2 installations, NEW LIFE and SLEEP, made of cardboard mache, paper, textile, fins and wax. Through botanical printing (eco-printing), traces of plant materials are deposited on paper and textile, to be used further in my works.

New Life: The installation NEW LIFE is small to medium-sized sculptures depicting germinating seeds. The installations are exhibited as a group of sculptures lying on the floor or a low podium. The sculptures are made of cardboard mache and botanically printed textiles. The technique used to sew the sculptures is taken from old techniques where jars were sewn from reeds/straw. The shape of the sculpture at the bottom (formed from cardboard mache) is painted white to illustrate the innocent new life, the natural colors of the textile reflect natur.

You find SLEEP here

Series: "Diversitas" (Diversity)

Installations made from self-made cardboard mache

I also have paintings, drawings and graphic in this series